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Our company was founded on 15th February 1993. At beginning base activities were retail and wholesale’s marketing with pipes and iron materials, for industrial area we produced wire braids.


In Year 2000, to follow “the principle of diversified job”, the company’s management has launched a new activity: the prefabrication of sprinkler pipeline. Today this is the base activity of the company.


This could happen because of the fire safety’s regulations changes, in accordance with EU harmonization. In case of new investments (production halls, stores, supermarkets, etc.) fire department required automatic fire protection to be installed, as the sprinkler system.


Executive directress of Ferro-Net Ltd. has recognized this need, and through a big investment was create a manufactory for sprinkler pipeline’s prefabrication.


In year 2000, a production hall was built on 1300 square metres in Százhalombatta for the new industrial activity.


Over the years – thanks to the intensive market research too – this type of activity was increased, equally inland and abroad. It was necessary to increase the company’s capacity.


In context of „Széchenyi Project Competition”, in 2012 we won a more million support with „Further development of existing manufactory for sprinkler pipeline prefabrication” project. In this way, production area was extended to 1600 square metres, workers’s number and production equipment were increased as well.

In 2018, our company won the Asset Support and Job Creation Grant's tender announced by the Ministry of Finance. With this financial support we had the opportunity to purchase a laser machine for the production of sprinklers at our Százhalombatta plant.

During the production of the sprinkler pipe network, the location of the sleeves and fittings in the base pipes of both the backbone and the branch line must be formed. In recent years, column drilling has been used to machine, which required two main workers per drilling machine. In connection with technological development, a laser tube cutting device has appeared, which is suitable for replacing the former work process. Purchasing the equipment will not only increase productivity, but also improve the quality of machining. Due to the high price level of the equipment, it has not been possible to purchase it in recent years. Currently, one of the most modern Hungarian small companies using Japanese technology makes the right pipe cutting laser equipment for us. The operation of this equipment - based on the software they have developed - is best suited to the manufacturing technology developed at our company over 19 years.

In 2022, our company won a tender within the framework of the Széchenyi Plan Plus, which comes true with the support of the Government of Hungary and the European Union.
During the realisation of the project, the following will be procured and installed:
a.) installation of a solar system
b.) acquisition of assets:

      - electrostatic dry powder-spraying equipment
      - curing oven after powder-spraying
      - conveyor track
c.) training for professional knowledge.
Intended completion date of the project: 01.03.2024.


In 1999 we got EN ISO 9001 and 9002 certificate quality management system, in accordance with TÜV CERT procedures, certified by TÜV Rheinland.


Because VdS isn’t avaible only for prefabrication activity, our company hasn’t got VdS certification, but we are able to produce in accordance with it, based on our customers instructions.


Ferro-Net Ltd. owns TÜV WPAR certification for welding technology, our welding colleagues are qualified welders.


The main pillars of our company: continuously development, professional team as well as – of course not at least – high quality and delivery on time.

Széchenyi Terv Plusz pályázat
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